Criminal Defense

The Experience to Handle All Your Criminal Matters.

At the Scibetta Law Office represent clients who are facing misdemeanor and felony charges in all levels of courts. We handle all criminal matters, no matter how small or how large, including:

·         DWI and drug crimes defense (local, state and federal)

·         Violent crimes defense (local, state and federal)

·         Domestic violence and aggravated harassment

·         Sex crimes, Internet sex crimes and prostitution (local, state and federal)

·         Gun and weapons crimes(local, state and federal)

·         White collar crimes and identity theft (local, state and federal)

·         Youthful offender crimes, shoplifting and criminal mischief

·         Reckless offenses

In addition to the practice areas listed above, we can help you navigate the legal process, handling issues such as bench warrants, vacated warrants, failure to appear in court and criminal contempt.

No Criminal Charge Should Be Taken Lightly.

When charged with an offense such as shoplifting it can be tempting to plead guilty in order to make the problem go away quickly. This is a bad strategy. A criminal conviction of any kind can result in a criminal record that will follow you around for years to come, hurting your employment opportunities and even making it more difficult to find housing.

The Scibetta Law Office can help you minimize the consequences of an arrest and criminal charge through plea bargaining or going to trial. We will thoroughly investigate your case and file motions to suppress any evidence against you that may have been obtained through illegal methods.

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