Our Services

Mike Scibetta has over twenty years of experience representing clients charged with misdemeanors and felonies in all levels of criminal courts in New York State and Federal Court.

He has extensive trial experience in the criminal and civil courts. The Scibetta Law Office has represented hundreds of individuals charged with Alcohol Related Operating Offenses (DUI, DWI, DWAI) and major felonies (manslaughter, weapons, assault, robbery, burglary, narcotics, etc.) with unparalleled success. Charged with a Federal Offense...no problem.

We also represent plaintiffs and defendants in matrimonial, personal injury and civil litigation matters. Our office is capable of representing the diverse needs of our clientele...whether it be criminal, civil, estates and probate, real estate or corporate/business entity formation.

If you're like most people, you'll only need to talk to a lawyer a few times in your life. Those encounters can be reassuring or frustrating, clarifying or confusing, life-affirming or embittering experiences.

When you need to protect yourself, your family or your business, obtain legal representation. When you need to organize your business or personal affairs, find out what legal options are available to you. When real life concerns or problems arise, you need sound legal advice.

When you need to talk to a lawyer, find one who takes time to listen. One who pays attention to what you say. A lawyer who treats you the way he would like to be treated himself.
Michael Scibetta can help.